The Lost Way To Misrost


A sailor returns home after spending many years at sea, only to find his country in a terrible mess. It is nothing as he remembers. Deciding to mind his own business, he seeks his family’s help. All he wanted was to lead a calm life on his father’s farm. However, day after day, he discovers more secrets that rattle his hopes.
Eventually, winds do not blow as he wished, and a long, arduous struggle ensues.
The storyline is full of surprises, restless adventure, laughter, romance,
and tragedy. It is suitable for both, adults and teenagers.

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How I dream

To the Younger Generations,
May you accomplish what we have failed to do.


How I dream old friend,
Of a world that can mend,
Broken pure hearts,
Reconnecting scattered parts.
A world that knows no destruction,
But only knows construction.
Love seeds sowed all around,
Hatred, no longer found.
We’re no longer bound,
To sorrows of the past,
Nor are we downcast.
I dream day and night,
To my dreams’ light,
I escape from reality’s darkness,
I search for goodness,
For warmth and beauty,
Whose finding is a sacred duty.
It’s a world possible to reach,
A world I will never cease to preach.


This dream my friend,
Your life will surely end.
It’s like a rose amidst the desert,
It won’t live, so save your effort.
Such dreams are destined to perish,
Such dreams, people don’t cherish.
You shall be forsaken by the majority,
Belittling your strife will be their priority.
I hate to see your heart,
Getting torn apart,
By reality’s blunt knife.
So don’t waste your life,
Let the world be,
It won’t change, believe me.



Faraway, from beyond a mountain,
Came running a bunch of children,
Chasing their loose kite, shouting ‘FLY,’
Their eyes attached to the sky,
Their hopes aimed so high,
All odds, insisting to defy,
Trying to outrun the wind,
And their dream defend,
With magnificent persistency,
With perfect consistency.


While the elders continued to debate,
The youngsters overlooked the bate.
They carried out the task,
Without a question to ask.
They strove with a pure passion,
Seeking to make the impossible happen.



The Voice IS That of Kids

Our Children are our only hope in a better world. They have incredible abilities to interact with the other, and make real friendships. When I first watched the voice kids on YouTube, it was a pure coincidence as I was never actually interested in the whole show. But then it hit me, seeing those kids having different ethnicities: Caucasians, Asians, Arabs, Africans, etc., contributing together in the same contest in a civilized artistic way, has really renewed some hope in my heart. Without trying to further explain my feelings, this is a list of my favorite performances, I hope you find it inspiring as I did. Beautiful art can bring people together.

Menial Life

Done Fighting
By: Ehab Shawky


East and West, evil resides all around
To its strings most people are bound
“Stop it before its spark ignites our lands,
Stop it before its winds disable our hands”

Our mirrors no longer identify our faces
Our spirits are gone without any traces
Treason disfigured most people
In their veins runs the blood of Abel
Cains are extinct, they no longer exist
Injustice, selfishness and greed persist
Who’s lying and who’s truthful
No one can tell, we are all distrustful

In my own brother, I cannot identify my father
Old times soak the face of my mother
Life is a menial deceitful place
Whoever seeks its glitter gets lost in its maze

What’s the purpose of life if we lose our souls?
How can we live ignoring wisdom’s calls?
Who would we be if we sell our past and present?
Why should we live if tomorrow will never be pleasant?

From pure hearts let new times spring
Like a fresh tone from a violin’s string
Spreading kindness, planting emotions
In chests drowned in sadness oceans

Let us soar high beyond the skies
Let us dream and open our eyes
On a paradise of humanity
Planted with wisdom and sanity
May our dreams hold our backs straight
Till the unknown brings forth what’s great

O life seduce others but the kind
Their hearts aren’t yours to grind
In their eyes, your treasures hold no light
Over your remnants, they will never fight
They live simply with pure intentions
Their deeds are their sole companions
Innocent souls are not yours to take
Spray your poison elsewhere you dirty snake
We have divorced you once and for all
And in your nets, we won’t again fall

Lost Hope

Crushed Heart
By: Ehab Shawky


Like a shredded web
Life continues to ebb

Tears falling in the dark
In hearts dull and stark

With pains so stern
With no one to miss or yearn

Strained by people’s cruelty
Over-run by dark reality

A reality full of suffering
Full of waste and plundering

Dragging souls over its thorns
While it laughs blowing its horns

Doors of steel surround the premises
Murdered feelings lie on dry clematis

Screams unheard inside
Sadness in all nooks abide

 Shreds of dreams pinned to its walls
Decorating its monstrous halls

Dangling from the ceiling
Continuously squealing

Piercing through my heart
Tearing it apart

Can you hear? Can you feel?
I beg you, stop this ordeal

Will you respond? Will you speak?
Or will matters remain so bleak?

Stop stabbing my heart without killing me
Stop crushing my soul, I’m done, can’t you see?

I’m not asking for a chance anymore
The end is what I’m asking for

I’m hoping for nothing
I’m simply asking to stop living

I beg you, Let me go
Upon me, your pardon bestow

Adrift like a feather in the wind
Evil, I can no longer fend

Forlorn by birth
Labeled: “The Wretched of the earth”

I’m not tired… I’m broken
Let my pains remain forever unspoken

Let me return to dust
I’m done living like rust

Let me be scattered like ash
I cannot suffer another lash

Let me depart, I beg you please
Let my departure feel like a gentle breeze

Lost Times

The worst train to miss, is the train of life
Time doesn’t work backwards

Written By: Ehab Shawky



In its motion
time is like a deep ocean
It undulates
with high waves
& whirls
darker than deep caves

In its maze
we flounder
& our souls blaze
Unwillingly, we lost our way
Blinded, gone far astray
Something fell broken within
Feelings turned into a sin
Dreams lost in oblivion
pervaded by sadness alluvion

While days pass by
our wounds continue to cry
We walk above their thorns
listening to their horns
declaring the rise of darkness
in a sky turning starless
tortured by running years
drowned in screams and tears
‘Hope’ no longer floats
‘Why,’ chokes our throats
Speech has turned into silence
Screams heard in their sadness
for lost green hearts
Amidst their torn parts
we search for an old track
unable to find our way back


Lost Generation

For the honest sincere youth of the Middle East who gave their lives defending the people’s right to justice, liberty & a decent life, asking for nothing in return, nor gaining a thing from their sacrifice.

Written By: Ehab Shawky

Carl Wuttke (German, 1849-1927) - Pyramid Scene, 19th. C

Standing firm for honesty,
holding on to veracity

In times of lies and illusions,
ruled by endless confusions

Alone they insist to strive,
unstoppable till they thrive

From one generation to the next,
viewed as a verse out of context

They tumble and halt,
enduring every assault

They walk and crawl,
taking fall after fall

Clinging to a passion,
asking for no compassion

Sure of victory,
smelling its liberty

Invoking their Lord,
adhering to his cord

“Till death,” they pledged,
and with legs wedged,
they held their grounds,
ignoring warning sounds
“The enemy is too many,
take allies if any.”

“No, we’ll stand alone,
we were always on our own,
so shall we continue to be,
we shall fear none, nor shall we flee
Every day, a new sacrifice
our own lives, if they suffice,
shall gladly be submitted,
till falsehood is omitted,
till our enemy breaks,
if that’s what it takes.”


The brave youth noted not
that traitors continue to plot
against their dreams,
protecting rotten regimes

The stab came from behind
by hands so blind

“O wretched senseless countries
Why can’t you recognize your own enemies?

We were your dawn,
your youth, your backbone

We swallowed your pains,
to inject love in your veins

We consumed your bitterness,
to give you our sweetness

Your silence is writing our end,
while our voices die to extend
your existence, your life,
may others continue our strife

Willingly, we wait for our fate
Willingly, we knock on its gate
Concealing a pain so vicious
Submitting our most precious
May it restore your charm
May it sound the alarm
in deaf ears,
blocked by endless fears

Now that we are leaving,
you start grieving!
We don’t need your tears,
nor do we ask for cheers
We ask you for no price,
but to remember our sacrifice.”


To all Arab rulers, armies, police forces
To all Arab fanatic idiots, whether Muslims, Christians, Jews, or Atheists
To all fake judicial systems, governmental personnel, and mercenaries
To the stars of worthless lousy “art” that is closer to prostitution
To the media all over the globe
To the ‘mass destruction weapons’ manufacturing countries
& biggest terrorists on earth
To all the fake democratic imperialist regimes, and their slave allies
To all traitors, liars, hypocrites, and opportunists
May you all dwell forever and ever together in HELL.

Lost Love

Written By: Ehab Shawky


Memories call on me
‘Close your eyes and see,
There she approaches
In her checkered dress
Smiling excitedly
Watching you delightedly.’

I close my eyes and dream
Of hearts that used to gleam
Breathing life into all surroundings
Uncovering amazing findings
Ever green shining trees
Swaying with scented breeze
Blowing from blooming flowers
Singing for hours and hours
the most beautiful lyrics
uplifting our spirits
Embracing our love
beside the nest of a white dove

Knowing how pure our love was
Sensing its vulnerability to life’s cruel laws
The dove flew high
taking our love to the sky
leaving behind two embracing bodies
one of them soulless,
and the other heartless,
staring sadly like temple effigies,
seeking solace in endless elegies.


Slaves’ Screams

When stronger countries take democracy as a ride to invade weaker people’s lands, and steal their riches,
then this is “Modern Slavery.”

In memory of the Egyptian Poet “Sayed Hegab”
Inspired by his great words
Recomposed & written in English By: Ehab Shawky


O deficient times… O ribald days
What a life flipped,
its nobles are at the base
They have stolen our land, and we stand accused
Their soldiers are the thieves,
and their chiefs stand amused

Strangers eat our flesh, and feed us mud
They drink from our sweat, and toast with our blood
We fall, and their whips force us to hold out
But how can we stand with bodies all worn out

O winds, cry out, scream, and blow us away
We have become strangers on our own lands,
enslaved or castaway
Till when shall life keep us dazed?
Till when shall it keep our souls mazed?


As soon as happiness responds to our calls
Its voice fades away along with our souls
O life, why doesn’t your nights show any mercy
Neither our tears, nor our smiles do they find worthy

O happiness, it is not your time yet
Why are you dying when we have just met?
O life, we have returned to chew your bitterness
We remain your victims without any deliverance

Over and over we suffer the same sorrow
Piercing through our hearts like a flaming arrow
We run from one hardship to another
No matter how hard we fight,
we continue to suffer

Ismael Shammout Thirst on the Way

The same horrible life follows in our footsteps
Tangling our legs in endless dips and slips
Wherever we go, we find the same darkness
As if we are destined to live life comfortless

Poverty persists… injustice exists
Worshiped and filling all records and lists
Until when O night, shall we struggle blind eyed?
Righteousness is manifest, but its tongue is tied

The difference between us, and the sons of modernity
They seek life’s ownership, and we seek fraternity
Hunger faces us, and fear stands behind
Holding our hands, and our spirits grind

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O God’s might, fill up our veins
Let us hold on, and break our chains
O fear, stay away and hide
Let us fight hunger with pride
We shall not yield to life anymore
Very soon it shall hear us roar
We are the prime of its youth
Our return is an inevitable truth
Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand,
We shall knock on its door and make our stand
We shall redeem our age, we shall renew its vigor
We shall defend our right to live, of that we swore
Enslavement, we shall stand defying
Till we earn our freedom, or die trying


Mountain Climber

Elegy for the lost Countries of the Middle East
By: Ehab Shawky


O Mountain climber
Bring me with you a new tomorrow
Free from stress, free from sorrow
Different from yesterday
Colored and shiny,
no longer gloomy… no longer grey

Fit to hold my dream
Able to make the future gleam
Sun runs in its face
Justice forms its base

 Let it be easygoing
With kind hearts growing
Smiling to the weak… smiling to the poor
For their pains… holding a cure

Green as a grass field
Holding enough yield
To feed the hungry
To hasten their recovery

Pure like the moon’s light
Colored like a child’s kite
Governed by conscience
Able to create a difference


O Tomorrow,
Shall I live to see you?
Are you going to be true?
Shall you bring my dreams closer?
Or shall you disappoint me over and over?


Inspired by The Arabic Egyptian song: Ya Tale’ Al-Shagarah (1985)

In Response To: Gray