Thoughts By: Ehab Shawky.



that’s what’s left for me of happiness,

But memories with ones you’ve loved

& death has taken away from you only bring sadness,

Happiness seems to be an enemy now for me,

Loneliness for my future seems like what is meant to be,

Every thing has changed so fast;

I only live in the shadows of my past,

Nothing is left for me to live for,

I breathe in, breathe out & I’m alive,

but the feeling of life in me exists no more,

I live as a dead man whose grave’s door in his face has been shut,

Without anyone feeling or noticing my silent sadness,

After all who can tell whether a standing tree is alive or not,

The wound of departure nothing can mend,

Yourself from its pain; you can never defend,

I’m lying on its rails, wrapped by its chain,

So weak & helpless in a way I could never express or explain,

It keeps on coming at me till it passes with me right under,

But still I’m alive & the train still running with its wheels striking like thunder,

I’m breathing heavily but neither does my life end,

Nor does the pain train me to my next life send,


Of your face & smile my love I always dream,

I wave my hands to you & your name I scream,

But never does my voice leave my throat,

All my hopes by desperation are caught,

Still the pain grows stronger & stronger,

Mercilessly crushing my heart, pushing me to wonder,

Why do we love? Why do we have to hurt?

Why do we have to suffer? Life is too too short!

Why is it always the right person at the wrong time?

Like good words with bad rhyme,


Why do I always have to loose the ones I love?

Though I would give anything & every thing I have

Just to make them happy in this miserable life,

My heart is growing weaker & weaker; I can barely feel alive,

So is that it? Is it the end?

If it is, then its god’s mercy as this crippled broken heart nothing can mend,

I can’t take anymore of this pain,

As the pain that hurts the most;

Is the one that attacks both; the heart & the brain,

I can’t go back in time to when I was young,

I can’t bear this anymore; I’m not that strong,

Tomorrow everything is gonna end & I’ll be gone,

As everything in my life; along with my days have run,

Joy, happiness, love & everything I was hoping for,

Now just cross my mind leaving me nothing but sadness & sore,

Sometimes I wonder;

Am I the only human being who is suffering this way?

Am I the only one who has his life’s train in destiny’s blows sway?

Am I the only one who has all of his chances blown away?

Oh is it my eyes or is everything now colored in grey?

I hear nothing whenever I scream not even when I cry,

The hot tears keep on falling through my heart

While my face is totally dry,

For all of my wrong deeds I must pay,

No matter how sorry I feel, there is nothing I can do or say,

I’ve turned to a cold lifeless statue,

Waiting for my escape behind my bars,

lonely looking from the sadness window,

Between hope & desperation I’m swinging,

While the days of my life; towards the end are rapidly approaching,

Right now I only have one last hope before the sealing of my fate,

That me & my beloved ones will once again in a much better place meet,

Suddenly the wind strongly blew,

& ironically after how loud & clear I’ve lived my life,

My last petal away silently flew.

In response to: The Daily Post – Cut Off



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