Land Of The Prophets

In solidarity with the Palestinian civilians living under occupation By: Ehab Shawky


They face it with silence

They couldn’t speak anymore

Words are so heavy with a faded existence

An existence which most people ignore

I can hear their screams from a long distance

I can hear the screams of what they’re hoping for

Why don’t we end our absence?

Why don’t we open the door?

When will we end the misguidance?

When will we realize that this is war?


When will we fight for what we believe in?

When will our faith be strong enough to fight & win?

When will my sword be in my own hand?

When will it shatter my enemies’ lines like strong wind does to sand?

When will we from our trap get out?

When will we believe that we can & stop the doubt?

When will we restore back our brains?

When will we break out from occupation chains?


When I remember my land I’m speechless

I just let my imagination in my awakness dream soar

When will our sun rise again & shine through the darkness?

When will we make our souls from sins pure?

When will our voices strike our enemies’ ears like thunder?

When will our voices with God is greater roar?

It’s their intentions that are sacrilegious

& Our dead bodies are the door

Our revolution they must never suppress

We must get back we must shake off the bore

Dying young is painless

But doing nothing is a sore

We shall never rest till the truth prevails

Of that to our God we swore

We shall fight till we win or die

For a tide never rests till it reaches its shore

We’re gonna give them a nightmare with our resistance

Of that they can be sure


For no matter how dark our way is

Its end we shall seek & not less

And our enemy we shall face

With no fear on our place

We shall stand & fight

Till we see the sun’s light

 We’ll never run or hide

For we’re not alone, God is on our side

And our land we shall redeem

For martyrdom is our dream

And our blood shall quench the thirst of the sand

Till we retrieve the freedom of our land

Born in the land of the prophets is a grace

And on our land; the motto of freedom we shall forever raise.



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