Now; after those days are long gone, I can only recall in a phantasmagorical manner some hazy images from the past. Just thinking of those days brings joy, happiness and youth back into my heart. I hope you will find them inspiring like I always do.

Images From The Past

By: Ehab Shawky.


           The best times of our lives, living there alone, just us & those beautiful long trees around us, our old wooden house was the biggest one I’ve ever seen, but still very small for the all of us, still we loved living there & we thought that if we were taken to live any where else we’d die ,,,,,,,,,,The forest around us always echoed with laughter & our voices running, playing, dancing & working all day long, & at night you can hear the voice of one of us reading for the others a story that we all chose together, as we all had the same taste ,,,,,,,,,,,The imaginary flying boats, round yellowish sun, laughing moon & the stars around it, the dreamy beautiful nature.


 Happiness seeking; we all followed each other like birds, silent wings flying from beyond the endless stream we appeared & deep in to the green grass we disappeared. We used to gather at the house every day after noon, it was our best times then, no one of us ever cared about anything nor worried about tomorrow, we just enjoyed each & every moment living there together ,,,,,,,,,,,,, We used to let our legs carry us as far as we can go, flying without wings between those long beautiful trees in that old abandoned forest running as fast as we can after each other, Laughing, singing, dancing, enjoying with our innocence each & every moment we had together,,,,,,,,,,,, so young & pure, so wild & stubborn, we loved each other for what we really were, we cared for each other, we never cared for what the days might bring as we never thought we could be apart from each other.


Walking in one line with our hands raised beside us like wings on the narrow endless rocks beside the shore, the cold air blowing in our face making us shiver, though our skin was almost frozen, our hearts were warm full of energy & love. Happiness would have filled anyone’s heart & soul just for watching us ,,,,,,,,,,,,,We used to walk up the winding road to the top of the mountain day after day, the same view, the same smell, though it was repeated; we loved walking all the way up together between those long yellowish green trees, colorful roses on each side, the setting sun up ahead & the pale orange beams coming from it to shine our way, the light from beyond the hill was mysterious & fearful but still beautiful & attractive, we felt as if just reaching it will set our souls free forever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, All of this everyone & everything, each & every little detail, every moment, every smile, every story, every song, every game we’ve played & especially you my friend are graved in my heart & I shall never forget you.


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