When A Blind Man Cries

By: Ehab Shawky


Kissing the Rosy cheeks of his child

The little girl to her father smiled

She stretched her arms towards her mom

Longing for her hug & her soft palm

The child’s laughter mingled with her mother’s

Creating a symphony whose beauty surpasses all others

Spending a calm day in the forest

The nature beautiful, the day the fairest

Sitting in a cradle of cedar trees

Waves of flowers stretching in green seas

Wrapped in nature’s beautiful sound

Amazing colored birds flying all around


Suddenly came hawks with thunder squeaks

Attacking the little birds, pecking them with their beaks


In the dark searching for her body

The dry soil feels warm and muddy

The laughter once loud silenced

The peace in the heart no longer sensed

The hugging bodies are so motionless

A loud scream clove through calmness

Calling onto his child’s name

The answer remains the same

The heart once happy shattered like glass

By criminals whose hearts are rusty brass

The heart once peaceful now on fire

The mind occupied by a vengeance desire

What can a man so helpless do?

through darkness; How can he break through?

Hot tears fell deep inside

As he held the remnants of his bride

“In this life and the next “was his promise

A promise that destiny’s plan could not compromise

What’s more painful than his loss

Waves of pain drown his soul and his heart toss

Why am I alive he wondered

“Am I cursed?” within his mind thundered

“Take me with them please”, he begged

Unable to follow them, into despair he bogged

How can I live not hearing their voice

When will the anguished heart with its end rejoice

How can I endure not touching her face

For a man whose soul is slain death is a grace

Beside your remnants I shall wait

For death to accept me and open its gate

Beside the crushed roses he sat still

His heart grinded by destiny’s mill

Holding their hands close to his chest

Like a bird holds its children in the nest

Hours passed before the injured body collapsed

Finally, the hours of pain have elapsed

It’s now time to join your beloved ones

 Your pain was an atonement of your sins

Look they are waiting for you dressed in shiny green

Look where they are, what a scene

Prepare the groom, it’s time for his procession

The huge golden doors are open for his admission

I can almost see your face through the light

I want to hold you in my arms so tight


Fill my heart with joy, let there be no more pain

Let the lovers rejoice for reuniting again

Their shiny hands are about to touch his…….

“Check his pulse” an echoing voice says

Slowly he opened his aching eyes

Through darkness he tried to incise

But the image remained covered with black

 Their light to his eyes is not coming back

Unable to say goodbye

The blind man started to cry.



10 thoughts on “GOODBYE

  1. There is a book in here. Loved this, it resonates with emotion. It’s hard to understand the things people are asked to endure in this earth life, but you know you’re a gifted writer if you can put that down on paper.

    • Gubran was like the priest of all priests in spiritual writing. I consider him to be my first teacher. I studied his history and some of his writings back at school. In college summer holidays I used to spend my money buying his books and my time in reading them. Loved his book: “Broken Wings”, it’s my favorite.
      Thank you for your kind comment. Really comparing me to Gubran was something beyond my imagination.

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