I wrote this a while ago. It’s a full description of my soul mate. Today’s post reminded me of it, so I decided to share it again.

Old Love Dream By: Ehab Shawky


Wandering at night, following my feet

She Passed by me in that empty street

My eyes met hers in a quick glance

My soul fell in a state of trance

They were like a very deep dark well

Whose secrets no one can ever tell

Dark and mysterious as the night

Soft and kind with a catchy sight

Sparkling with tears that didn’t flow

In their ocean sorrow seemed to grow

Taking sadness as her friend

Slowly she continued to wend

In her eyes I saw my soul’s reflection

In her sad smile I felt my own affection

Her beautiful eyes, her soft smile

Her shining face, her simple style

All made me recall a very old dream

A beautiful memory started to gleam


Is this her or is this an illusion

A mind can’t be trusted after years of seclusion

Are you an image my heart resorted to draw

Escaping from loneliness, clutching at a straw

The girl who sees through her heart

Whose smiles; her face never depart

Who loves by her entire soul

Whose name; in my dreams I always call

Who cures by a look from her eyes

Whose eyes are wider than the skies


Ever since I heard your singing voice

My heart was captured without a choice

By a heart mightier than a thousand moats

While my mind was emancipated by the candles of your thoughts

As if I were enchanted

Each and every word inside my soul was planted

Since then my heart has carried its sword

Defending you from the evils of this world

It remained so through the prime of its youth

Sincere to its love, never giving in for a truce

Merely passing by my mind was a cure

Urging my soul to further endure

Without you; I’m like an empty boat waiting to sail

Without you; all this world is just a big jail


How I long for your tender touch

How I long for a look from your eyes so much

Remaining sincere; I have always paid the price

My own life; I had to sacrifice

Hoping for our union

Under love’s dominion

When we shall sail forever in restless oceans

Surfing between waves of endless emotions

Blessed by our Creator

Our souls’ liberator

While holding your hand in mine

My pledge of love; with my blood I shall sign

OH my love my hand is waiting for yours

Deep in my soul: “I love you”; my heart roars


Feeling afraid; I slowly turned around

There was I listening to my heart’s sound

With my soul my heart continued to talk

& in the empty street; alone; I continued to walk.



7 thoughts on “LOVE DREAM

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