Life in nothing but a Big Test

Short Story By : Ehab Shawky

He watched her stumbling for a while. At her age; a feet feels like a mile.

He looked around searching for a way; In which he may help her on that cold day.

He saw a driver sitting inside his taxi, He ran towards him and said:

“Peace be upon you sir, Will you please drive the old lady approaching us to her destination?” And he gave the driver the few pounds he had without hesitation.

He promised to pay the driver the remainder of his fees; if he would meet him tomorrow at the same place.

Stunned by the kindness of the stubborn boy, the driver accepted to be the lady’s convoy.

For the sake of goodness he decided to strive, & politely he offered the old lady a drive.

Like a drowning person receiving a rescue offer, She accepted unable anymore to suffer.

Looking towards the boy to relief his worry, the driver saw him taking off in quiet a hurry.


After his money was over he had to walk without any rest, in order to reach his school before the time of his test.

At a crossing point he stopped waiting for the green light, he saw a disabled old man who didn’t have enough might; to roll his heavy wheel chair, but no one seemed to care.

Thinking of himself at that age, He ran towards the man in a burst of rage, to help him reach his destination neglecting his own, stepping on the fears that inside him have grown.

He started to push the heavy seat; all the way up the steeping street. 


12 minutes later he was running on his way to his school. Glancing at his watch he knew that taking a rest was not a privilege. 10 minutes later, he saw a crowd in the street, there seemed to be a car accident. A few feet ahead, there was a child screaming with tears running down his face. Feeling alerted he slowed down his pace, & Seeing that no one noticed the child’s condition he stopped.

“Why are you crying, are you injured?”, he asked the child in wonder.

“No but my brother is injured & I don’t know what to do” was the child’s answer.

Nearby there were two medics carrying the injured teen to an ambulance. He ran towards it carrying the child. The medics tried to stop him, but he said: “I’m their older brother” with a shaken confidence.


He didn’t know what else to say; so that the medics would let them with the injured lad stay.

“This lad needs quick blood transfer”; was shouted at the hospital by the doctor. “Hurry up people we’re loosing him.”

Knowing that the lad’s blood type was unavailable at the poor hospital and that it was the same as his; “Take blood from me” the boy said resolving the crisis.


20 minutes later the boys’ mother arrived. She took her child from between the boy’s arms, kissing him hysterically with tears in her eyes.

The doctor calmed her saying: “Don’t worry ma’am, your son is gonna be okay thanks to his older brother.”

“What older brother?” asked the mother.

The doctor explained to her what happened while looking around searching for the rescuer, but he couldn’t find him anywhere.


At this moment, he was running as fast as he can.

On the way to his test, he was running like a mad man.

All he could see was his mother’s tears. Since his father’s death; She has dedicated her life to him and has been taking care of him for years.

He was all that she had and she was his most beloved. At that moment; her happiness was all he cared about.

“Failing will break my mother’s heart, the only one in this world whom I can’t bear to see upset or hurt.”

“They may still let me in” he hoped

& with his pains; like real men do; he coped.


 He was looking at the door of his school while crossing the street.

Suddenly he heard a loud squeak, he turned but it was too late

There was nothing he could do to alter his fate

Quick scenes of the day flashed in front of him, while the light in his eyes was getting dim.

He made one final look towards the skies and said: “Oh Lord let my mother know that from now on I shall be your guest, Let her know that I have passed my test.”


In response to : Last Words



12 thoughts on “TEST DAY

  1. Calling all bloggers, I’m compiling a list of freshman bloggers ( anyone with less than 200 followers) so we can find and support each other. If you’re interested or know anyone who might be, send your URL and I’ll include you on the list. I’ll post it when I get enough names.

    • As a new blogger I can say that this is a nice considerate idea, but don’t you think that maybe we will end up increasing the number of our followers, the number of likes and comments that we get, but no one really reads or puts his/her mind into what is written? It would just be some kind of compliments without real interest or real spiritual interaction. I’m afraid that this will be worse than having a few followers or even closing the blog.

      • Very well said, and it’s true, you do get to a certain point where you can’t really read and consider what everyone writes about. I’m not there yet.
        Anyway, the reason I wanted to do this, was when I first started blogging, I was really intimidated by those people who had a thousand followers and 25 comments on each post. I thought it would be nice if I knew of some other bloggers who were new like me, so could support them. Still want to do it, though not getting a lot of interest.

      • I see what you’re saying, you could get so many followers that you couldn’t keep up with it all, I’m definietly not there yet, but here’s where I’m coming from. When I first started blogging, I was really intimidated by those bloggers who had a thousand followers, and 25 comments on every post. I wished I could find some other people like myself who were new, and would appreciate friends and support. So far there’s not been a lot of interest in my little movement though, so maybe it’s just me.

      • In my opinion “Blogging” is about experience exchange and interaction between different people who do not know each other in real life. You can make friends and discuss with them all sorts of subjects which is a beautiful activity. In order for this to work, the number of followers in my opinion should be limited a bit so that true interaction occurs. I think that 5-10 active, well interacting and interested bloggers would be superb. Bloggers don’t really need a big number of followers or comments, but they need to interact in a positive manner with those interested.
        As for those guys with the gigantic blogs, if you really watch what they are doing; you will find them uncaring and not interested in the comments of their followers most of the time. It’s as if they are sitting in a concrete room with only a small aperture from which they are sending their posts. You can only receive from them, but could never truly get to know and interact with. Even when they respond; it’s a lame brief response as if saying “Buzz off, I already have a lot of followers who accept what we post very well”.
        I would rather have one follower who is interested in what I write and interacts with it willingly, thrilled with my style than to have 10s of followers who are just interacting in a superficial way without true interest.
        Of course this is not the general case but it is how I see it.

      • Interesting. At one point I was really into getting a lot of followers, but not so much anymore. I have a few people who always comment, and whom I feel I’ve gotten to know, and that’s what this is really about. I’m still into supporting newbies though.

      • May the Creator award you for your good intentions and persistence. Can you try to perfect this by making the list as helpful as possible for those who see it. For example, writing a short hint about every blog you include in the list would be helpful.

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