My Mentor

There was no one more handsome than my mentor, as if the sun runs in his face, when ever he smiled, sparkles almost reflected on to the walls, his face was a little rounded, white with a red tinge. His hair was neither straight nor curly and his forelock’s hair reached his earlobes. He had big eyes, with dark colored long eyelashes. He had wide bone structure with broad shoulders, he was neither fat nor skinny, neither tall nor short, but of moderate height among the people.

He was the best in conduct, most generous, most auspicious boding well, most truthful, most easy going, best companion and most courageous among all people. He who sees him for the first time would fear his solemnity, but loves him when he gets to know him. Anyone who would describe him would say: “I’ve never seen anyone of his like neither before him nor after him”. 

He never spoke in narrations like that of ours, but his speech was always plain and clear with separate sentences that could be memorized by anyone who listens to it. I never saw anyone more cheerful than my mentor, he never talked to anyone except smiling in his face, he was the most pleasant and simple-hearted among all people. When ever he was pleased with something, his face shined as if it were a piece of a full moon. His hospitality and generosity were matchless, his gifts and endowments manifested a man who does not fear poverty. 

He always joined in household work and would at times mend his clothes, repair his footwear and sweep the floor. He would milk, tether, and feed the animals and do the household shopping. He was always cheerful, pleasant-tempered and lenient. His broad mindedness and tolerance embraced all of his students and entitled him to be regarded as father for them all. He was willingly and modestly obeyed by everybody. To him, all of them were equal. Nobody was better than another except on the criterion of piety. A favored one, to him, was the most pious. His assembly was a meeting of clemency, patience and honesty. Voices were never raised in rows or riots. Him and his students had always esteemed the old and reflected mercy on the young. They assisted the needy and entertained their guests.

He always walked in solemnity, he was always modest and most shy, and the first one to cast his eyes down. He never stared at anybody’s face. He always lowered his looks. He looked ground-wards more than he looked sky-wards. His utmost looks at people were glances. He was the most beloved person to us all, whenever we saw him approaching, we only wouldn’t getup for him (in his honor), for we knew how much he hated that.

Among his teachings: “The one who strives on taking care of the widows and the needy is like him who is serving God.”

“Always Show gentleness, for if gentleness is found in anything, it beautifies it and when it is taken out from anything it spoils it.”

Never turn away any needy beggar from your doorstep empty-handed even if you had nothing but half a dried date. Love the poor; bring them near to you and Allah will bring you near to Him on the Day of Resurrection”

“Seek me among your weak ones, for you are given sustenance only by reason of the presence of your weak ones.”

“Spend in charity and don’t fear diminution”

“No wealth is ever decreased by alms, and Allah never enriches the one who forgives except with glory, and no one ever acts humbly except that Allah honors him.”

“Those who are merciful are treated mercifully by the ‘All Merciful’. So be merciful to those on earth and you shall receive mercy by the One in heavens.”

“Follow the bad deed with a good one & it shall erase it, and treat people with good manners.The best among you are those with best manners”.

“Renounce the worldly pleasures; Allah will love you, and forsake seeking after the likes of what people have and they will love you.”

“Maintain relations with those who have broken off relations with you, Feed those who have deprived you, and  pardon those who have oppressed you.”

“Beware of suspicion, for suspicion is the worst of false tales. Do not look for the others’ faults and do not spy. Do not be jealous of one another, and do not desert (cut your relation with) one another. Do not hate one another; and be like brothers.”

“Oh! People, your Creator is One. There is neither superiority of a white man on a black one, nor of a black man on a white one except by piety”

“Love for all people what you love for yourself. No one realizes the truth about faith except when he loves for all people what he loves for himself .

“Children are God’s beloved”

“To honor those who are old is to show glorification to The Creator.”

“He is not one of us who doesn’t respect our elders, show mercy to our children, enjoin what’s right and forbid what’s harmful.”

This was just a quick view of my mentor’s personality and general teachings. He is my model, my hope for a better person whom I would love to be and my most beloved.

May the Creator’s Peace and Blessings be upon my mentor.

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10 thoughts on “My Mentor

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  4. Very beautiful counsel, which also sounds suprisingly familiar – When you serve one of the least of these you are in the service of your God, Turn the other cheek, Blessed are the meek for they shall inheirit the earth, etc. I think it’s interesting how different religions actually have so much in common. Maybe we shuld focus on that istead of our differences.

    • (I think it’s interesting how different religions actually have so much in common. Maybe we shuld focus on that istead of our differences.)

      Couldn’t agree more.
      About this my Holy book says : “O mankind, We have created you from males and females, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may know one another. Verily the noblest among you in God’s sight, are those who are most pious. Verily God is All-Knowing, All-Aware.”

      So we were created different not to fight against each other or to crucify one another, but to get to know one another, understand our differences, exchange our experiences and be at the aid of our brothers in humanity. Also the noblest in God’s sight are not Muslims, Jews, Christians, Arabs, Europeans,… nothing of that sort, we are all God’s creation and to Him we shall return, but the noblest are the most pious, the most righteous.

      Once before one of my teachers told us to write a short essay about: What if all the people on earth were Chinese, what would have happened?!” Of course our answers varied, but I still remember that one of my colleagues said: “That would have been boring to death.” 🙂

      I think that our differences is truly a blessing that we don’t understand.

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