Beyond the Road of Life

I wrote this a while ago. It’s about how I imagine heaven and its beauty. I hope you will find it interesting.

In Response to:

Meditation By : Ehab Shawky


Beyond the road of life, roses on each side, stairs reaching into the clouds; grey like silver, softly shining onto the horizon, gigantic trees spread all around, branches bending down towards the reaching hands, fruits eager to be picked, in their shades riders travel for months, walking above soil of topaz, ruby and sapphire, from which musk exudes filling up the air, beside the silver shiny endless river, whose water is sweeter than honey and better smelling than Jasmine.


Beyond the road of life, youth restored and permanent, faces luminous like the full moon, backs straight standing tall, strong like never before, dressed from brocaded fabric, no more maladies, no more pains, in palaces of crystal dwells married twains, what no eyes have seen; not even in the wildest dream. Like flowers eat and emanate the most beautiful smells, so will the successors. Like heroes ride flying horses in fairy tales, so will the winners. All lovers shall walk side by side, hand in hand. All of what they dreamed of has finally come true. All of what they ever desired, they have finally acquired. Father and son young together, mother and daughter charming forever. Dwelling in lands whose end they can never reach, whose peculiarities no soul can preach.


Beyond the road of life, walking up the emerald stairs, reaching for the light up ahead, golden stars shining on each step, flying sparkles saluting the foot steps, singing the most beautiful chants, never had an ear heard such a beautiful voice, instruments playing beautiful melodies, in their waves all inhabitants rejoice, free from all worries.


Beyond the road of life

there is another life

for which every soul should strive.



13 thoughts on “Beyond the Road of Life

      • Sometimes those who are making magnificent things in this life and making a hell of a strive believing that their deeds are watched by The Creator and by those whom they love and have lost, sometimes they feel some despair on their journey, at that moment they need to be reminded that their prize is not of this worldly life, they need to be reminded that we were not created in vain, but for a purpose after which we shall be judged for our deeds, then those who were righteous shall be admitted to a much better place.
        I thought that they may find some consolation and motivation in this short post.

      • Indeed deep and powerful. I’m not sure about others but I can safely say that I have been inspired. You can really write to invigorate and by writing in such a unique way (sometimes with beautiful poetry) is intriguing. Remarkable!

      • Your words give me much much more than I really deserve. I’m just a schmuck who thinks he can actually do something through writing. This is the first time for me to know that someone found inspiration in what I write.
        By all means, Thank You for the nicest and most kind feedback I have ever received, It’s your extremely generous description of my words that is remarkable.

      • You truly deserve it! I find that most of us (including myself) usually dumb ourselves and not realise how good we are until someone tells us so. I’m only 16 and I have much to learn! Your work is indeed worth reading and inspirational. You’re most welcome 🙂

      • I have always believed that the youth are more soft and kind hearted than others. They have purer vision and more will to make this world a better place. They always offer help waiting for nothing in return. They always speak their hearts; which is respectful. I always enjoy speaking with them more than others.
        I’m more than double your age, so please accept this little advice from me:
        “Never loose your heart’s youth and leniency with the course of time. stand firm for what’s right and always be brave in face of troubles.”
        May our Creator protect and guide you in each and every step.

      • Thank you, you’re too kind. It is indisputable that you’re very sociable, judging from our conversations. Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you in any way possible!

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