A wise man once said: “Late is better than never”.

I wrote this prescription a while ago. Reading today’s post on Daily prompt, I couldn’t but remember it. I hope you will find it interesting and helpful. Remember to hold on to your hopes.

In Response To Daily Prompt:


Trust Your Heart By : Ehab Shawky


To see a dream come true

How would it feel?!

To see a dream come true

What distances should I walk , in which ways and what should I do?!

Where is my destiny leading me to?

I don’t have a clue

Do I still have chances, or all my chances away I blew?

If only I knew ; I wouldn’t have been so blue

I Got older & despair inside of me grew

My defenses disappeared from the view

My weapons ; into a deep well I threw

My hopes ; I try to eschew

Towards my last castle ; I withdrew


Resorting to my heart it said “NO,

I won’t give up, we can have victory, I know.”

A faint light starts to glow

It starts resisting and struggles ensue

I may lose a battle , but winning the war is a must

My soul may sometimes be lost,

but in my heart it puts all trust

To shake off defeat’s dust

To give desperation a strong fight

Till it retrieves hope’s light

Drawing out its weapons with might

Standing firm for what’s right

Sending strike after strike

Building dike after dike

Strengthening its defenses once more

Knowing that there is still some hope worth fighting for


The dungeons of depression shall be torn down

& my hope shall breakthrough

Desperation ; it shall subdue

Its youth ; it shall renew

And as the trapped bird once flew

Again it shall fly and its freedom dream shall come true

As long as my heart beats, I shall try to learn, give and my best do

Time is like a sword

You either strike it defending yourself, or it shall strike you

I shall never give up infront of life’s blows

Till I succeed in taming the shrew


Deniers say in contempt: “The river of your hopes is too wide”

I look back in challenge and say:

“As long as I shall live I shall try to reach the other side,

I shall row against the stream,

I shall seek the help of those who share my dream,

Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand

Together we shall strive and make our stand

Till we see our dream come true

With good company ; all dreams are possible

With my brothers and sisters ; I shall be undefeatable

Only the stray lamb gets eaten by the wolf

In good company I shall protect myself

I won’t let my life pass through

Till I see my dream come true

Deniers say: “Those are truly very high hopes to hold on to.”

I say: “They are my hopes & I shall never let go.”



48 thoughts on “HIGH HOPES

    • “Time is like a sword. You either strike it defending yourself, or it shall strike you.”
      Actually these words were first said by a man named “Muhammad Ibn Idris Al-Shafe’i” back in the 8th century to his students, the original wording was in Arabic. He was trying to teach them never to say: “There is still plenty of time”, “I can do this later” or “This is not urgent, so let’s postpone it”, etc… These sentences that we always use as an excuse to be lazy, then with the course of time we find ourselves used to this and postponing all sorts of things in our lives.
      Since that time this sentence has turned to a very famous maxim used by all teachers with their students in the Arab world.
      I’m truly honored that you find my writings worthy.

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