Journey To The Valley Of Makkah

The farthest journey I have made yet was when I performed pilgrimage to the sacred city of Makkah. Our plane landed in Jeddah that is one hour drive from Makkah. Traveling between the mountains surrounding the way to Makkah helped clear my mind after the long journey. After settling down in the hotel, I immediately went down to visit the sacred mosque in the valley of Bacca which is visited by millions annually. There I learned that the whole city is sacred because it’s a huge mosque dedicated for worship only. At the time of prayers, you can see people praying every where, in the sacred mosque of the Ka’bah, in its nave, in the outside yard of the mosque and in the streets of the city. People from every where, standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder, praying for their Creator and Sustainer, remembering the previous nations and their strive, reciting the heroic stories of the prophets and their followers, invoking Allah to grant them mercy and gather them all in heaven.


In each prayer, I got to know new people. I have met people from India, Indonesia, England, Germany, Turkey, Nigeria, Pakistan, Japan, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Lebanon, Syria, America, Australia, etc.. I met engineers, doctors, professors, army officers, janitors, bus drivers, accountants, students, even a Saudi Arabian prince, etc., males and females, old and young, and I have come to understand how much all people from the east and the west are connected even though they might not realize it. They may have different colors, languages, habits, clothes, understandings etc., but they all share the same feeling; that they belong to a higher deity who is the Creator of all that exists, He is there watching what they are doing, knowing each and every jot of what they reveal and what they conceal, and to Him they shall return. No need to mention that I was staying among millions of people who all believe in God.


Amazing how those millions at the time of prayers, would all stand in circles surrounding the sacred mosque which they believe to be the first place built by Adam and his progeny for worshipping The Creator. They all practice the same rituals, and recite the same verses at the same moment. All wearing similar clothes, nothing fancy, just very simple white clothes. They eat their meals in groups, every group  sharing one plate. Sometimes its dates and glasses of milk, sometimes a plate of fruits and juice bottles, other times its rice and vegetables or occasionally roasted meat. Through the day they may have some rest inside the air conditioned spaces of the mosque or get back to their hotels as the temperature there from forenoon till sunset is always above 110o F. I enjoyed staying in the mosque as this gave me the opportunity to meet more people.


I have walked on the same grounds above which prophets walked. I prostrated with my face to the ground where they prostrated. I worshiped my Creator like they worshiped, but above all, I renewed my faith in the devotion of my kind, the human kind, and that there is still some hope left for a better world free from selfishness, free from tribal or racial fanaticism, a world of cultural interaction rather than cultural subjection.


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    • Actually this was exactly my feeling the first Friday prayer I attended there. It is the weekly congregational prayer for us and all families attend it. The moment I got out of the hotel I found myself walking amidst thousands of people surrounding me from every where, speaking different languages that I didn’t understand. I was extremely afraid and I struggled to get back to the hotel.
      My room mates were 2 old men in their 50s. Seeing my condition, they laughed out loud and calmed me down, then told me to take my umbrella and praying rug, get down to the street, approach the sacred mosque as much as I can and sit in the closest line I find. I did just that as it was impossible to reach the building of the mosque which you can see in the pics. I sat down next to some brothers from Tanzania and attended the prayers. The moment the Muezzin started saying the words, things calmed down and I heard no one but the preacher who started giving his speech through the sound system. I could barely hear what he was saying but I managed. Any way this was my first Jum’ah (Friday) prayers at Makkah, it was the first time for me to pray between millions of people at the same time like this, I will never forget that day as long as I shall live.

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