A Soul Dialogue By : Ehab Shawky


How I long for a journey beyond my imagination

To a world whose wonders surpass any inspiration

From my world; I long to get away

On faraway lands; I wish to stay

Lands which man has long ago abandoned

Leaving traces of what his hands had sculptured

I dream of a big change

At a world that feels less strange

A world in which I’m a stranger no more

A world I have always hoped for


These words struggled inside my head

With what a wise man once said:

“Dreams are sometimes out of reach

They cannot escape reality’s siege”

His words touched on my wound

With my case they were perfectly tuned

My dreams are like birds flying high in wide skies

Snipped one after another infront of my eyes

Ensuing more rage in the storm of my soul

Agitating more pain in my heart’s hole

Creating a void amidst my feelings

Waiting to be revived by miracle healings


The wise man’s voice echoed again:

“Free yourself from dreams’ chain,

Strive till your last breath

Strive till the moment of your death

Your good deeds are your treasured hoards

Don’t you remember our mentor’s words:

‘If death comes to you while you have a seed in your hand; Plant it’.”

Pondering over what he said; I had to admit

 Hope is a double edged sword

You have to unhook yourself from its cord

You either use it as a force that pushes you forward,

Or from the vast seas of brave travelers it shall drag you shoreward


Accompany hope with a true strive,

If it’s honey that you desire, then build your own hive

Hope for your dreams to come true

But strive hard and your dream pursue

Striving & Hope are the two wings without which a dream can’t fly

The stronger they are, the farther shall the dream reach

True failure is to live without giving risk a try

A lesson that most parents don’t teach

Strive no matter how impossible things may seem

Strive and you shall reach the world in your dream



16 thoughts on “FOR A DREAM TO COME TRUE

    • Thanks Gean, I’m glad that it touched you. This dialogue always struggles inside of me and I believe that it struggles inside us all. I just put it down in readable words.

      Regarding the privacy, No. Actually I don’t even know how to set this privacy thing. I just made the blog a month ago and I didn’t come near the original settings.

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    • Really Sajeev I don’t know what to say. No one ever before nominated my writings for anything or even praised it in such a beautiful way. By all means thank you my friend for your beautiful gentle interest in my writings, I sincerely appreciate it.

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