Since my childhood I have always been extremely excited by the clown show. Back at school, when we were still in kindergarten, they used to bring us the clown show annually inside the school’s yard before midyear’s vacation. We used to stand in half circles around the little theater prepared for the show. During the show, the clowns chose some pupils from among us to go on stage and dance with them. I got chosen once with my best friend, truly this was one of the happiest moments of my life back then. We were like crazy dancing and jumping with the clowns on the stage. A true moment of happiness that I enjoyed very much. Finally, we took some photographs with the clowns, then went down stage. When I grew up, I realized that clowns are the most under estimated persons in my country. They are always laughed at but never with. I guess that this could be the case in many other countries as well. No one really wants to make friends with the clown and introduce him to his friends or his children as your uncle “Whatever”; the clown. Maybe you and me don’t think this way, but a lot of people actually do. I think that it’s time for people to start looking beyond the outer box. It’s time to know persons for what they are not just what they do.

 This poem is dedicated for one of the nicest professions that are always underestimated. I named it “The Sad Smile”.


I smile at all faces even if my heart cries

I smile and continue to live in disguise

I love to make people happy

Their smiles make my pains nappy

Without their smiles I cannot live

My show and jokes are all I can give

I jump and giggle

I shout and jiggle

I stumble and crawl

I throw ball after ball

They yell and cheer

They laugh and jeer

They smile and clap

Throwing slap after slap

At a heart swelling with pain

By its blunt edge slain

They see me on a stage

But never in a cage

They see me smile

They fall for the wile

They only see what their eyes catch

But their hearts; they never unlatch

They never wish to see my real face

The red nose is what they embrace

They bring their children to watch the show

But teach them never to be like me when they grow

I cannot blame them

Leaves scatter around the stem

who would want his child to become a clown!

To become the joke of the town

On stage; I’m like a king

To real life; I barely cling

I’m like a feather in the wind

My aspirations I cannot defend

I don’t have control over my life

I dare not keep my dreams rife

I just live day by day

Between daily blows I sway

A day without a blow is a grace

A day without pain; has no trace

Soon I won’t be able to jump like before

Soon I won’t be able to catch balls anymore

Soon I won’t be receiving any smile

I will only have my room as an exile

Dreaming of a miraculous chance

Waiting for happiness to glance

At a soul falling in oblivion

Eager to escape life’s dominion

Seeking to flee from solitude’s dungeons

Hoping to join the dwellers of kindness mansions

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22 thoughts on “CLOWNS DRIVE ME CRAZY

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  7. I was drawn by your title, expecting you to write about being afraid of clowns, as so many are; I anticipated that paradox of something meant to entertain instead terrorizing the target audience.

    But you turned my expectation on its head, taking the side of the clown as an outcast, as a human behind the mask. I work with incarcerated women and their desire to be seen for who they are rather than how they may appear resonates deeply with your piece. Thank you for taking the time to craft such an offering.

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  17. Your post reminds me of another favorite poem. It’s called Minstral Man, by Langston Hughes.

    Because my mouth

    Is wide with laughter

    And my throat

    Is deep with song,

    You do not think

    I suffer after

    I have held my pain

    So long?

    Because my mouth

    Is wide with laughter,

    You do not hear

    My inner cry?

    Because my feet

    Are gay with dancing,

    You do not know

    I die?

  18. I’ve felt the exact same way and I’m delighted we share the same impression on clowns!
    I’ve written two poems somewhat based on the similar idea.. I think they’re called “silent darkness and the circus” if I remember them right!
    But my writings are usually not long! really enjoyed the resemblance!
    Keep writing! 😏✌

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