Silent Thoughts By : Ehab Shawky


Suffering the treachery of the wind

Having my wings pinned

I lie naked in the shadow

Under a tree amidst a meadow

Watching a little bird fly

Eager to reach the sky

How brave and bold it was

Striving for such an impossible cause

Never tired from falling

Never giving in to crawling

Always rising again

Insisting to win


I looked at the bird and pondered

Over its actions and wondered

 Why couldn’t I be like him

Why couldn’t I surmount my whim

In my thoughts; I’m a prisoner

To my fate; I’m a petitioner

Waiting for a hazy old dream

To let me out & my soul redeem

When I shall fly as I please

My wings stretching in freedom’s breeze

Strong and sound

No longer bound


I wake up on reality

Realizing its brutality

Sometimes I ponder

Over my past & wonder

Have I lost my way

Have I gone astray

There is emptiness inside

Desperation; I try to hide

I cannot see any future

I only hope for a peaceful departure

When I think of my sins;

My head spins

I look at myself in despise

I look through my soul and recognize

My weakness and my shame;

From a will I found lame


 I look deeper and ponder;

Over my secrets and wonder

Why am I so weak

My happiness I never seek

As if I am punishing me soul

Into the unknown I continue to fall

Maybe I’m used to being a victim

Pretending to accept destiny’s dictum

Like a helpless wounded bird

Or a lamp straying from its herd

I’m trapped in a barbered wire

I’m Sinking in a deep mire

Will someone lend me a hand?

Will destiny help me stand?

Unaware of the future

Unable to heal my fracture

I continue to live bound by destiny’s pincer

I continue to lie waiting for an answer


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6 thoughts on “DARK THOUGHTS

  1. Seif, you never fail to amaze me with your innate skill of poetry and language. Your awe-inspiring work has indeed given me hope as well as inspiration in life. Please continue to write more brilliant pieces!

    • Thanks Han. By all means you are the brilliant writer, I always enjoy reading your posts, I even read your old posts from time to time and enjoy them greatly. I’m truly honored that you like my writings as much as I’m thankful for your encouraging comments. Thank you brother, I really appreciate it.

      • Yes I know that, and that’s truly heartfelt. I’m likewise glad and honoured that you enjoy my writings. I’ll always keep a look out for new posts from you, brother!

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