Elegy for Rachel Corrie By : Ehab Shawky


There was once a girl who had a dream

A dream based on a noble theme

There she stood reciting the words

Hoping they would fly like birds

Reaching people everywhere

May they listen, may they care;

To reunite the torn parts

To Heal children’s broken hearts

“My dream can & will come true”

Was a belief that she lived to pursue

So young and faithful

Sincere and thoughtful

With a heart of gold

Courageous and bold

Standing firm for the truth

While Still in the dew of her youth

“I’m here for other children, I’m here because I care”

Her everlasting words shall forever glare

Guiding hearts & minds

From upon them removing the blinds

“I’m here because children everywhere are suffering”

A truth that most people ignore even uttering

They only look beneath their feet

They live enslaved by self conceit

“My dream is to give the poor a chance”

Striving for her dream; was her adopted stance

Her understanding of life was amazing

Her outstanding strife remains blazing

Rest in peace precious dreamer

Your dream lives through your deeds

You reclaimed the land, you sow the seeds

Your blood was the price you had to pay

Rest in peace & we shall continue the way

We won’t stop till your dream comes true

For your dream is our dream too

We shall fear no darkness, we shall forever fight

Till we have victory, till we see freedom’s light

Life without a dream is a waste

Life without a strife has no taste

Rest in peace precious dreamer

Your strife was your dream’s redeemer



2 thoughts on “R.I.P. PRECIOUS DREAMER

    • She was a great person. She had a noble dream, she stood firm for what she believed in to be worthy and she paid her life as the price. By all means she deserves much more than just a few words of remembrance, much much more.

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