By : Ehab Shawky

ImageThere she stood supplicating

to her Lord and imploring

“O my Lord grant me a righteous son,

Who would serve you & all sins shun,

I have pledged for you what’s in my womb,

To strive in your cause from birth to tomb,

O Lord accept with your grace what I conceive,

Set him as an example for all those who believe.”

Allah heard her; He is the All-Hearer

He destined the baby to become the keeper

The baby was born, a blessed daughter

She came to the earth like rain water

Pure and clean reviving faith

May all deniers see their wraith

“O Lord I gave birth to a female,

I named her Mary, may she avail

believers throughout the ages

May her story be told in their holy pages

O Lord protect her and her progeny from satan

Keep their hearts with faith awaken.”

So grew Mary under Zechariah’s care

The most pious among all women, the most fair


Loving solitude and worshiping her Lord

Taking her faith as her hoard

She withdrew from all people towards the east

Seeking to pray & on her Lord’s words feast

There came to her the angel in the appearance of a human

“I seek Allah’s refuge from you if you were a pious man”

“Have no fear; I’m Your Lord’s envoy,

Giving you glad tidings of a baby boy,

Allah has chosen you above the women of the world,

Worship your Lord for it shall be as you’re told.”

“How can I give birth when I’m a virgin?!,

No man has touched me, this is certain”

“So it shall be, if your Lord desires a matter,

He just says “BE”, that’s all He needs utter,

He is The Omniscient, The Omnipotent,

He is The Creator, He is Proficient.”


So it was & Mary conceived the child

Until delivery, she sought seclusion in the wild

Her Lord’s angel visited her frequently

Taking care of her and advising her gently

“Eat from the dates of palm trees,

It shall help you give birth at ease,

So did Mary give birth to a baby boy

Peace be upon him, Our Lord’s Envoy


“It’s time to take him to his people” says the angel

“He shall renew the laws in the hearts of the faithful,

If you see any human, with him don’t talk,

Gesture him that you are fasting & continue to walk”

She returned to her people carrying her child,

They looked at her suspiciously, their looks were wild

“O Mary, you have made a grave sin,

You have defiled the lineage of your own kin”

She beckoned to the child in a strange way

“How can we speak to a baby, what can he say?!”


And the miraculously born child responded:

“I am the servant of The Lord,

I am His word,

He gave me The Gospel,

& sent me to the lost sheep of Israel,

He made me blessed wherever I may be,

& bestowed upon me His miracles; may the blind hearts see,

I am The Lord’s messenger & shepherd,

A confirmation for the Torah & what’s not yet delivered,

I bring glad tidings of what’s yet to come,

& I shall tell you of Alaha’s kingdom,

Heavens shall not pass till whatever I say is fulfilled,

Then again I shall return & True faith; I shall rebuild.

Inspired from the Qur’an’s account on Mary & Jesus P.B.U.T.


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