My View About Islam – A Five Years Journey

Originally I’m an HVAC engineer, I’m not a Sheikh or a Mula, I believe that there is not such a thing as religious authority in Islam; on the contrary, the Qur’an urges all Muslims to READ & LEARN. From this take off point, in 2010 I decided to start my own individual research in religions in order to know and understand why am I a Muslim? All I wanted was to reach the truth and be a better person, a better human being, and I ended up writing a book.

This could be extremely not interesting for most people, but I feel that my fate is approaching its end and I wanted this work to reach others, maybe one person will find it interesting and beneficial. This is the link to my book:

Islamic Methodologies Made Easy – Ehab Shawky

And this is the link to the book’s blog:

Islamic Methodologies Made Easy Blog


In response to: The Daily Post

I Have Confidence in Me


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