How I miss you O father

To the Best Man I Ever Knew
By: Ehab Shawky


He sat beside his father’s bed

Towards his son, he tilted his head

The boy looked into his father’s eyes

Forcing his tears to hide in disguise

The respiration tube didn’t allow the man to speak

How distressful it is for a son to see his father that weak

The boy endured the harsh situation

Neglecting the burden of his tribulation

He never thought this day would come

His mind felt shattered and his limbs went numb

He always thought he would die before his father

He always imagined him comforting his mother

He always admired his father’s perseverance

He always respected his valiance

Now he feels abandoned by fate

The fate separating him from his truest mate

Afraid to hurt the old man’s pride,

His tears, he tried to hide

The gentleman looked away

For the imprisoned tears making way

A tear escaped from its prison

The boy wiped it keeping his tears hidden

 Knowing how his son felt,

Sensing that his powers were about to melt,

Inside his magnificent heart;

That by pain was getting torn apart,

He sealed the knowledge of departure

He showed no sign of his heart’s fracture

Out of sympathy that his beloved student

Would witness that moment

When the soul returns to its maker

And there remains the body of his caretaker

Motionless and cold

Awaiting a shroud to hold

Seeking to comfort his child

The hazel eyes gently smiled

The boy nodded silently with his head

“I shall go now so that you may rest,” the boy said

He bowed down and kissed his father’s hand

And got up barely able to stand

He walked away with heavy steps

With weeping eyes and shaking lips

Unaware he just lost the only man

Who gave him what none other can

Whose absence could never be compensated

Whose love was never properly said or stated.

Father_and_son (2)


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