Lost Hope

Crushed Heart
By: Ehab Shawky


Like a shredded web
Life continues to ebb

Tears falling in the dark
In hearts dull and stark

With pains so stern
With no one to miss or yearn

Strained by people’s cruelty
Over-run by dark reality

A reality full of suffering
Full of waste and plundering

Dragging souls over its thorns
While it laughs blowing its horns

Doors of steel surround the premises
Murdered feelings lie on dry clematis

Screams unheard inside
Sadness in all nooks abide

 Shreds of dreams pinned to its walls
Decorating its monstrous halls

Dangling from the ceiling
Continuously squealing

Piercing through my heart
Tearing it apart

Can you hear? Can you feel?
I beg you, stop this ordeal

Will you respond? Will you speak?
Or will matters remain so bleak?

Stop stabbing my heart without killing me
Stop crushing my soul, I’m done, can’t you see?

I’m not asking for a chance anymore
The end is what I’m asking for

I’m hoping for nothing
I’m simply asking to stop living

I beg you, Let me go
Upon me, your pardon bestow

Adrift like a feather in the wind
Evil, I can no longer fend

Forlorn by birth
Labeled: “The Wretched of the earth”

I’m not tired… I’m broken
Let my pains remain forever unspoken

Let me return to dust
I’m done living like rust

Let me be scattered like ash
I cannot suffer another lash

Let me depart, I beg you please
Let my departure feel like a gentle breeze


14 thoughts on “Lost Hope

  1. Wow… Impressive set of art. Loving the way you define your perspective in a rather peculiar way, the style of you connecting the lines, weaving them into beautiful lines of words. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

  2. This left me speechless!But trials are a test of endurance of faith and hope,things might seem difficult but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel,however dark and long the tunnel might be

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