Lost Generation

For the honest sincere youth of the Middle East who gave their lives defending the people’s right to justice, liberty & a decent life, asking for nothing in return, nor gaining a thing from their sacrifice. Written By: Ehab Shawky Standing firm for honesty, holding on to veracity In times of lies and illusions, ruled […]

Lost Love

Written By: Ehab Shawky Memories call on me ‘Close your eyes and see, There she approaches In her checkered dress Smiling excitedly Watching you delightedly.’ I close my eyes and dream Of hearts that used to gleam Breathing life into all surroundings Uncovering amazing findings Ever green shining trees Swaying with scented breeze Blowing from […]

The Luminous Heart

A call for hope, Written by: Ehab Shawky Inspired by Ameer Az-Zalam (Egypt 2002) Light resides within hearts; Let it hug hope rays before its sun sets You either remain steadfast, or you shall live alone trapped in life’s nets Despair is weakness and a cowardly fear; hope opens locked doors, and dreams cheer You […]